Paul Carganilla is an award-winning actor & filmmaker, an established screenwriter, and founder of the multimedia production company, Shovel Kitty Media. He is also a public safety dispatcher (trainee) for his local police department.
Paul grew up in Simi Valley, CA. In his high school years, he explored many creative opportunities: serving as Historian of the Drama Club, President of the choir, and Drum Major of the marching band.
In college, while playing trumpet in the orchestra pit, he felt his true calling was to be on the stage. In the following years, he was accepted to UCLA's illustrious theater program and won five national gold medals in Dramatic Interpretation.
In February of 2005, he was hired by the Walt Disney Company as an actor, MC, and improvisational comedian. He continues to work professionally for Disney sporadically on various projects to this day.
In 2009, Paul co-wrote, produced, and starred in his first web series, Guess Again. This experience fueled him to write, produce, direct, and act in many web, film, and LIVE ventures: including Winners (web series), Sparked & the Flame (short films), The Haunted Man (feature screenplay), The Live to Dream Project (documentary), Paulie's Comedy Picnics, and multiple music videos.
Acting, writing, and/or producing, Paul is excited to continue his exploration of multiple creative ventures.

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Latest News

12/18/18 update

- It's SPARKED WEEK 2018! Here on my website, you can stream "Sparked" & "The Flame" NOW through midnight on Christmas. Don't miss it... Sparked Week comes only once a year!

- Over the summer, I helped my employer, the Oxnard Police Department, shoot/produce/edit our music video for the viral police department lip sync challenge! Check it out here!

- Paulie's Picnic 18 was a blast! Many thanks to all of the musicians and comedians who made it another unforgettable night! 

- Thanks to our absolutely incredible crowd funders, we have raised the complete budget to shoot our first feature film: The Haunted Man! My co-producer Dan Franklin and I can not thank you all enough for making this happen. I am currently editing the film and can not wait to share it with the world!

- My new SKM Comedy Short, WIZARD AND STARFIGHTER, made its YouTube premiere February 9th!
- I recently had the pleasure of shooting a LIVE music video for FAULTLINES of their newest single, "Rain". This vid was made as an entry for NPR's Tiny Desk Contest. Check it out here:

- I recently wrapped shooting my part (as an actor playing the role of 'Ricky') in Ryan Willer's new film project, "Long Green Hash". Stay tuned for fun updates on THAT! 

- My documentary, The Live To Dream Project, is finished and being submitted to film festivals around the world! Keep up with the journey at! Trailer:

- It's Summer! That means it's a perfect time to relive the fun of Dan Franklin and my fun dance track: "THE HOT SAUCE SONG"!

- My music video for Danny Roque's comedy tune "Lunch at Costco" has garnered over 52,000 views! Many thanks to all of my friends who shared an helped make it go viral!

​​- My web series, Winners, was an official selection of L.A. WebFest! We received four (4) award nominations, including: Outstanding Lead Actor: Paul Carganilla, and Outstanding WritingWe ended up winning the award for Best Trailer of the Year. Season One of Winners can be viewed in its entirety on the official website:


Wizard & Starfighter (2018 / COMEDY / 6 mins) -

Sparked (2015 / DRAMA / 17 mins) -

The Flame (2016 / DRAMA / 22 mins) -

Last Trip Home (2018, in post-production)

The Greatest Thing (2018, in post-production)


Winners (2014 / COMEDY / 13 episodes) -

Guess Again (2009 / COMEDY / 12 episodes) -


"Oxnared Police Department Lip Sync Challenge" -

"The Hot Sauce Song", Paul Carganilla & Dan Franklin -

"Live To Dream Again", Dan Franklin (directed by Paul Carganilla) -

"Lunch At Costco", Danny Roque (directed by Paul Carganilla) -


"The Live To Dream Project" [2016, DOCUMENTARY] (in festival circuit) TRAILER:

"The Haunted Man" [2018, THRILLER] (in post-production)

Original Stand Up Comedy (12/11/2016) -

"Hiatus's Christmas Vacation" (2017 / A Phantom Panda Production) -

"Run Away With Me" (Paulie's Picnic 13) -