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 1 APRIL, 2015 update
What's up!? Here's what's new:

- My short film, Sparked is being recognized with an Award of Merit at the Los Angeles Cinema Fest of Hollywood on April 4th. They will be screening our film in "Block 2" of the festival at 12:55pm. For tickets and info, visit the official site at http://www.hollywoodcff.com/

- More information about Sparked is always available on the official website: www.sparkedfilm.com

- Winners is an official selection of L.A. WebFest 2015! We also received three (3) award nominations, including:

Outstanding Lead Actor: Paul Carganilla, and Outstanding Writing!

L.A. WebFest selected three episodes to be screened at the festival April 4th & 5th:

"Pilot" (episode 1),

"The Lesson" (episode 5),

and "Home Alone" (episode 8).

We are excited and honored to be selected by this festival and nominated for awards of recognition.For info screening schedule and tickets, visit www.lawebfest.com/ !

recent NEWS

well. That happened.

- We have completed production of my first short film, Sparked! This film marks my film directing debut and stars the lovely and multi-talented Dani Kerry. Sparked is currently being submitted to festivals, and we are excited to see where it takes us this year!

- I starred in a recent sketchisode of "Oh, The Humanity" called "The Runner". It's a 2-minute comedy that's sure to surprise you. Watch it below!

- Season One of WINNERS is now available in its entirety online at WinnersTalent.com or on YouTube! My favorite writers and I are currently drafting Season Two!
- My feature screenplay, THROUGH THE VEIL, is officially WGA registered. Very anxious to get in into the right hands!

- The WINNERS episode "Complementary Valet" is an official selection of the LA International Film Festival! This is a great honor! Congrats to director Jared White, who also wrote this episode! It was a pleasure to work with the awesome and talented Rolando Molina & Rya Meyers on this fantastic episode! Check it out below!​



THIS JUST IN!   A fresh acting reel: featuring scenes from Winners and Sparked.