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30 AUG, 2014 update
What's up!? Here's what's new:

- Episodes 1-8 of WINNERS is being aired globally all week in the 2pm PST hour of Prime TV Network's live stream feed. Prime TV can be viewed on Roku, Kindle Fire, and any smart phone or tablet through the Prime TV app.

- Season One of WINNERS is now available in its entirety online at or on YouTube! My favorite writers and I are currently drafting Season Two!

- My newest production adventure, Battle Superfluous, is here! This is a fun new debate-style web show, in which professional entertainer team with competitive debaters to debate fun subjects. The first five battles are in the books and the semi-finals continue 09/01 at 7:30pm PST. Check it out at and the BS! Facebook page.

- The latest draft of my feature screenplay, THROUGH THE VEIL, is officially WGA registered. Very anxious to get in into the right hands!

- My new Facebook "Artist" page is a work in progress, but click on over and "like" it if you like me!

- I am currently seeking theatrical representation.

recent NEWS

well. That happened.
What happened!? This:

​- On August 7, I released the second installment of my experimental online web performance, called the Wishing Well Webcast ("DUBTRIP", for short). This is a collaboration of 40 singers, illustrators, and photographers to create an homage to Disney's Tangled. Check it out at:​.

- The WINNERS episode "Complementary Valet" is an official selection of the LA International Film Festival! This is a great honor! Congrats to director Jared White, who also wrote this episode! It was a pleasure to work with the awesome and talented Rolando Molina & Rya Meyers on this fantastic episode! Check it out below!

WINNERS was selected by Filmbreak to be screened in their Movie Mondays series at Hollywood Station in the W Hotel. The event was so much fun. Thank you, Filmbreak! If you couldn't join us, you can catch some pics on the Winners Facebook page.

- In February, I had the honor and pleasure of MC'ing Dani Kerry's release party for her new E.P., "Back To the Water" (now available on iTunes). Check out the video below!

- Paul