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16.april.2014 update
What's up!? Here's what's new:
- WINNERS premiered on the 19th of last month. Episode 5, which is one of my personal favorites dropped today! Please, check it out! New episodes will be released every "Winners Wednesday" through the first week of June. Catch all the latest at or on YouTube!
- I recently premiered my new experimental online web performance, called the Wishing Well Webcast, or DUBTRIP, for short. I enlisted the talents of 30 singers, illustrators, actors, and photographers to create an homage to Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Check it out at:​
- THROUGH THE VEIL just unveiled an exciting new draft...
- My new Facebook "Artist" page a work in progress, but click on over and "like" it if you like me!
- In February, I had the honor and pleasure of MC'ing Dani Kerry's release party for her new E.P., "Back To the Water" (now available on iTunes). Check out the videos below!